100 Beste Plakate 22 / Poster exhibition from Germany, Austria and Switzerland at Cluj-Napoca Art Museum

March 06, 2024 | Cosmina Marcela OLTEAN ArtPage

The best 100 posters of the 20th edition
A poster exhibition from Germany, Austria and Switzerland will be presented at the beginning of the jubilee year which marks 30 years of existence of the German Cultural Center in Cluj-Napoca.
By using an augmented reality [AR] application, part of the exhibited posters will be able to be viewed in an animated version.
Werkschau 2022 Gebäude 6 / Designers Wang Shiwen Sven, Friedrich Breidenich
The German Cultural Center in Cluj-Napoca, in partnership with the 100 beste Association Plakate e.V. and the Cluj-Napoca Art Museum (MACN), with the support of the Goethe-Institut Bucharest, Goethe-Zentrum Chisinau and Cartopack, organize between March 7 and 24 2024, the exhibition "100 Beste Plakate 22 // The 100 best posters 22".

The opening will take place on Thursday, March 7, 2024, starting at 18:00, at the premises Cluj-Napoca Art Museum (Bánffy Palace, P-ța Unirii no. 30), in the presence of Alexandra Rusu-Cătană, director of the German Cultural Center and the curator of the exhibition, museographer Alexandra Sârbu.

The public is invited to discover the internationally recognized exhibition "100 Beste Plakate 22" [The best 100 posters 22], which brings to the fore the most innovative and expressive elements of posters design from Germany, Austria and Switzerland from 2022. The "100 Beste Plakate" competition is an important supporter and promoter of graphic design in the German-speaking world, involving numerous established designers, students, art academies, agencies, clients and individual projects.
Haettenschweiler von A bis Z/Haettenschweiler from A to Z / Designer, Studio Feixen: Felix Pfäffli
The exhibition resulting from the competition travels the world every year. After traveling in South Korea, Switzerland, Germany, Republic of Moldova, Slovenia, exhibition "100 Beste Plakate 22" now arrives in Cluj-Napoca (RO).

The competition "100 Beste Plakate" is one of the oldest design contests in Europe, operating in various formats since 1966, when the first awards were given for the best posters.

"The annual exhibitions offer a fascinating insight into contemporary culture of posters and promotes the different approaches and styles of participating artists and designers. Of to political messages to cultural events and to product representations, the award-winning posters covers a wide range of topics.
Poster proposals are welcome in all genres and print techniques provided they have been designed, printed and published in that year. The works are evaluated by a jury consisting of renowned specialists who change from year to year. By the visibility I get in the exhibition and the publication that accompanies it, the winners of the competition have access to international recognition", I find out from museographer Alexandra Sârbu.
Prosit!/Cheers! / Designers, Daniel Wiesmann, Robert Radziejewski
The 2022 selection includes 48 posters from Germany, 43 from Switzerland and 9 from Austria, divided into three categories:
A – 87 posters as advertising support for business, culture and social issues, works at orders displayed in semi-public or public spaces;
B – 2 posters for self-promotion, as an author's graphic design or as an experiment;
C – 11 posters made by students, in an educational context.

663 people participated in the contest with a total of 2298 posters, of which 1073 individual posters and 335 series. The jury of the 2022 competition was made up of the international experts Yvo Hählen [Balmer Hählen, CH-Lausanne], Barbara Kotte [Kollektiv Scrollan, D-Berlin], Thomas Kronbichler [Studio Mut, I-Bozen], Wolfgang Ortner [OrtnerSchinko, A-Linz] and Antonia Terhedebrügge [Studio Terhedebrügge, D- Berlin].
Rohe Gestalt/Rough Form / Designer, DWA Graphic design department: Tobias Wenig
Museum pedagogy activities within the exhibition

On this occasion, a group of eight students of the Faculty of History and Philosophy within "Babeş-Bolyai" University (UBB) from Cluj-Napoca, bachelor's level, specializations "History of Art" and "Cultural Tourism", will have the rare opportunity to be actively involved, alongside the team of the German Cultural Center and the technicians of the host museum, on the construction site complex installation and arrangement of the exhibition, under the direct coordination of museographer Alexandra Sârbu and the supervision of the practice manager from the higher education institution, lect. university Dr. Voica Pușcașiu. The practicing students are: Any Marin, Charlize-Jennifer Mesz, Denisa-Ioana Moldovan, Timea-Eliza Nagy, Paul-Ionuţ Tîrla, Paula Turcin (1st year, Art History), Andreea Pop and Andra Cătălina Săvan (second year, Cultural Tourism).

Here you can see the exhibition archive: https://100-beste-plakate.de/archiv-plakate 

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