A whole month of modern and contemporary sculpture

February 25, 2024 | Cosmina Marcela OLTEAN ArtPage

The Romanian Sculptors' Month is ongoing in Iași, Romania. It is a complex event in which several exhibitions take place in museums, galleries and the public space.

The event celebrates the personality of the great Romanian sculptor Constantin Brâncuși, but also sculpture and contemporary sculptors in general, following new forms of sculpture and art installations.

Photos by INFO Iași
This is the largest event dedicated to modern and contemporary sculpture in Romania, which has grown with each edition in the last 4 years. 

Therefore, from February 19 to March 19, more than 350 sculptures are exhibited in 24 personal and collective exhibitions, and 48 works are displayed in public spaces, indoors and outdoors, in different locations of the city.

Representatives of modern sculpture such as Ion Jalea, Oscar Han, Dimitrie Paciurea (through the involvement of the Constanța Art Museum) Ion Irimescu (works from the "Ion Irimescu" Museum in Fălticeni) Marcel Guguianu, Corneliu Medrea, Mihai Olos, Peter Jecza, along with the Romanian contemporary artists such as Paul Neagu, Geta Brătescu, Aurel Vlad, Mircea Roman, Laurențiu Mogoșanu, Dumitru Verdianu, Horia Damian and Maxim Dumitraș are among the exhibitors.

The special guest in 2024 is the contemporary artist Mircea Cantor. After exhibiting in major museums of the world, Cantor can now be seen at the Palace of Culture in Iași, where the "Rope Column" is exhibited, a sculpture-installation, which takes up one of the motifs often found in Cantor's work - the rope, the one that leads to unity, balance and solidarity. 
Photo by Cosmina M Oltean
The artist said that "the motif of the rope is reproduced on the wooden churches in Maramureş, but not only there, they are also found in Bihor. The symbol is a reference to unity, solidarity and consolidation of a community. You can find the rope, obviously, in other civilizations and cultures, starting with the Babylonians, the Egyptians, then the European cultures, and it speaks of something that binds, holds together. I took the motive and wanted to take it further."

For the first time at the Palace of Culture in Iasi are exhibited drawings by Brâncusi and a series of original photographs, taken by Edward Steichen in New York, all from the Mariana Florescu Collection. A unique portrait of Brâncusi, made by the surrealist Man Ray, can be found at the National Athenaeum in Iasi. Plus many other sculptures and installations...

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