“Textile art with sculptural valences” by artist Zoe Vida Porumb

January 31, 2024 | Cosmina Marcela OLTEAN ArtPage

Opened on October 19, 2023 at the National Art Museum of Romania, recently extended until February 11, 2024, the exhibition "De-a fir a păr" (the Romanian expression translates as “unraveling thread by thread”) by the artist Zoe Vida Porumb includes over 140 representative works of tapestry, embroidery and textile objects made on during the last five decades, eloquent for the importance of the artist's work, in the context of the evolution of contemporary Romanian decorative arts.

The exhibition includes compositions with religious subjects and themes inspired by archaic local cultures, such as the Spiral of Life or the Gate of the Sun.

The work of the artist Zoe Vida Porumb was presented at the opening by Marius Porumb and Carmen Cernat, curators of the exhibition, who synthesized the most significant stages of her creation.

"The National Art Museum of Romania periodically presents the work of artists whose contribution to the configuration of Romanian art was essential. Zoe Vida Porumb is included in this category thanks to an extensive, constant artistic approach, which followed a path that included innovative works, being among the first Romanian artists who gave textile art sculptural valences. As the daughter of the sculptor Vida Geza, the artist continued to be inspired by the rich spirituality of Maramureș countryside, her creations being imbued with echoes of various folk decorative motifs, robustness when the subject requires it or evanescent transparencies whose delicacy send to the feminine mysterious universe", appreciated Călin Stegerean, general director of the National Art Museum of Romania.

Data and photos: MNAR Bucharest

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