Márta Jakobovits / "Blue Segment"

October 05, 2023 | Cosmina Marcela OLTEAN ArtPage

A new exhibition at the Art Museum in Brașov (RO) presents the creation of ceramic artist Márta Jakobovits in the exhibition "Blue Segment", included in the program of the Blue Biennale 2023.

Bianca-Maria Bălșan, manager of the museum, Victoria Ţaroi Galbenu, curator of the exhibition, Vladimir Bulat, art historian and president of the Artessentia Cultural Association, and university associate prof. Andrei Florian, spoke at the opening.

"Her artistic activity is a proof of the fact that ceramics is still a generous form of expressing the essence of things. The ceramic pieces of Márta Jakobovits represent a meditation and a spiritual dialogue with the natural world and with the human being itself. Her works are sections of her inner diary transposed into materials", we learn from sources within the museum.

Marta Jakobovitsa professional ceramist, graduated from the Academy for Visual Arts in Cluj and received her PhD in Liberal Arts from the University of Arts and Design in Budapest. She had been inducted into the Hungarian Academy of Arts, in Budapest in 2005, gives lectures and leads workshops about ceramics and paper-art at universities as invited artist.

The artist is a member of multiple professional organizations, such as Romanian Artists Union, the Barabas Miklos Guild, the Hungarian Artists Union, the Christian Artists Europe, Rotterdam, the European Academy of Culture and the Arts.

Her works are represented in the permanent collections of art museums in Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and are part of private and public collections worldwide. She had been selected to represent the contemporary ceramic arts from Romania at the European Ceramic Context 2010 in Denmark and at the national exhibition “L`art céramique contemporaine roumaine”, 2010 in Paris. A retrospective exhibition, "Part of the Road Travelled", curated by Mălina Ionescu, was presented at the National Contemporay Art Museum in Bucharest (2021-2022). (https://www.jakobovits-marta.ro/)

The exhibition presented by the art museum is part of the INTERNATIONAL BIENNALE OF VISUAL ARTS, 3rd edition.

The theme of the edition is Oxymoron. "The oxymoron is a term taken from ancient Greek, a figure of speech that ensures the association of two incongruous, apparently incompatible terms, contradictory attributes, with surprising effects, in the same phrase, to supplement expression and character in the elaboration of powerful images. The oxymoron is a rhetorical figure through which we want to reflect together on the problems of the contemporary world, on the duality, tensions and diversity found in the complex reality in which we live or in the very kaleidoscopic nature of the human being, with eternal dilemmas and permanent confrontations in the struggle between life and death." (https://bluebiennale.com/web/)

Photo credits - Silviu Preda

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