"¿Cómo sentir?", a contemporary art exhibition on states of mind

July 03, 2023 | nadiaevangelina

"¿Cómo sentir? Diarios íntimos para el presente" (How to feel? Intimate diaries for the present) is an exhibition of visceral contemporary art by Argentine artists that invite to go through different states of mind taking as a starting point the mental health during -then- the pandemic. The exhibition, curated by Nicolás Cuello, takes place at the Casa Nacional del Bicentenario, a cultural space for contemporary artistic production.
Casa Nacional del Bicentenario
From the productions of 40 artists who place a strong emphasis on expressive language, this exhibition aims to go through different psychic realities that expose the deterioration and concern for mental health in recent decades. The coronavirus pandemic caused an unprecedented impact, especially the growing feeling that the world has become a more hostile place.

The exhibition brings together a series of drawings, site specifics, paintings, sculptures, photographs, textiles, installations, and video installations under the concept of expressing affective discomfort but also those creative and supportive ways of living in society.

In addition, with the premise that intimate diaries are an "artifact of self-theoretical narration" that turns their pages into a space where incoherent sensations coexist, the exhibition recovers a selection of works that dialogue with each other and allow us to characterize the present.

"How to feel?" takes up children's imaginaries in works made from artisanal techniques and amateur operations. The works exhibited start from the historical devaluation of the domestic, the prejudice about the superficiality of the intimate, the abjection of the feminine, and the inadequacy of the queer to show how small sensibilities insist on care and affection.

On the other hand, the show presents several works with automaton abstractions, repetitive writings, encrypted narratives, and obsessive thoughts. Also on display is a group of productions that work on the cultural malaise associated with one's own image through the tension of contemporary portraiture and the playful use of the grotesque.

Casa Nacional del Bicentenario
The last axis of the exhibition explores dark surrealism and other modes of appearance of the sinister, the weird, and the creepy, and the value of nightmares as a specific form of imagination that strives to avoid the cultural imperative of immediate satisfaction.

All in all, the exhibition does not close the questions, but leaves questions that remain open, and shows a map of the affective. Perhaps there will never be an imperative more than now, but it had better be to speak, to make art, and to ask ourselves questions, without closing the sign, which is what this exhibition does.

Casa Nacional del Bicentenario
"¿Cómo sentir? Diarios íntimos para el presente"
Location: Casa Nacional del Bicentenario, Riobamba 985, C1116ABB, CABA, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Opening Date: 17th May 2023 
End Date: 20th August 2023
Working hours: Wednesday-Sunday: 15pm to 20 pm

Artists: Florencia Rodríguez Giles, Antonio Villa, Facundo Belén, GAYA, Emilce Acosta, Claudia Cuello, Gastón Gonzalez, Javi Samaniego Garcia, Agustín Protto Blanc, Ignacio Marmoni, Hugo Asís, Eloy Luna, Inés Zurraco, Roberto Jacoby, Paula Castro, Alejo Ponce de León, Catalina Schliebener, Tobías Dirty, Mariela Scafati, Yael Desbats, Ad Minoliti, Barbara Bianca LaVogue, Blixmi velo Aurin, Daiana Rose, Fabio Risso Pino, Ana Wandzik, Claudia del Río, Martina Aguirregomezcorta, Emilio Bianchic, Constanza Giuliani, Virginia Negri, Pomarola Talk, Aníbal Brizuela, Juan Ojeda, Santiago Villanueva, Delfina Liébana, Sonia Ruiz, Abril Carissimo, Sara Sauce, Flavia Da Rin, Cristina Coll, Porkeria Mala, Antonio Verny, Agustina Leal, Nina Kovensky, Jazmín Kullock, El Pelele, Andres Piña, Sofía Torres Kosiba, Cecilia Sosa, Malena Pizani, Martin Farnholc Halley, Carrie Bencardino and Laura Códega.

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