Sofía Torres Kosiba and the reign of the Bird Woman at the Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires

May 23, 2023 | nadiaevangelina

"Bravaria" is the first solo exhibition of Sofía Torres Kosiba, Argentine artist, and curator, held at the Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires under the curatorship of Raúl Flores. In Bravaria, an invented kingdom, the Bird Woman reigns, incarnated in Sofía Torres Kosiba, who dialogues with birds, evoking public spaces and the historical past of the ruined statues.
Sofía Torres Kosiba
The artist takes a humorous look at themes such as eroticism, violence, and everyday alienation through a group of grotesque and absurd sculptures and a sinister video performance. "Brevaria" reveals the construction of this territory that the artist Sofia Torres Kosiba began to build since her childhood, even without knowing it, and in which the heritage of family stories is mixed with regional mythology.

The "Bear Cave" represents the place that the artist and her friends used to frequent in her childhood and adolescence, surely a place that awakened her fantasy and fantastic adventures, but which in reality is a forbidden red zone. In the video performance, the artist embodies the Bird Woman, sovereign of Bravaria. Her dialogue with the birds evokes the public spaces and the historical past of its collapsed picturesque statues, to transform them through a parodic and dreamlike gaze into a dreamlike present in which opposite feelings such as tenderness and terror are reconciled.

The characters, or what is left of them, strange forms, between humanoids and animals, are made of cement, iron, and foam rubber. They are disposable materials that respond to the use of the precarious. They have a rigid character but their interior is soft; they look like monuments, they remain immobile, waiting to start moving, perhaps heavily, and they are thrown as if by a strange force to the place they occupy.
Sofia Torres Kosiba

Sofia Torres Kosiba
Sofia Torres Kosiba
Sofia Torres Kosiba
The exhibition is part of the Museum of Modern Art's project to build a more federal museum, including artists from all provinces, as is the case of Sofia Torres Kosiba, from the province of Cordoba.

Sofia Torres Kosiba is a multidisciplinary artist, researcher, postgraduate teacher, specialist in performance studies, graduated from the University of Cordoba. She has exhibited in galleries in Latin America and Europe. Among her presentations are "Y si pudiera lo invadiría todo" (Museo Caraffa), "Estado de dicha" (Pabellón México), "El reino inexistente" (Museo de las mujeres, Córdoba), and "Tesoro" (Fundación Fortabat 2022-23).
Sofia Torres Kosiba
Location: Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires, Argentina,  Av. San Juan 350, C1147 AAO, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Opening Date: 28th April 2023
End Date: 31st July 2023
Working hours: Monday: 11am to 7pm
                          Wednesday-Friday: 11am to 7pm
                          Saturday-Sunday: 11am to 8pm
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