"Dia de Campo"- a solo exhibition by the Peruvian artist Iosu Aramburu

April 11, 2023 | nadiaevangelina

"Día de Campo" (Field Day) is a solo exhibition by visual artist Iosu Aramburu at Pasto Gallery in Buenos Aires. Iosu's work includes paintings that explore modernism in the Andean region, named after the area over the Andes Mountains and comprising a large part of South America, usually marginalized in the history of Latin American art. The avant-garde and the South American countryside dialogue in this proposal can be visited in the heart of the autonomous city of Buenos Aires.
Installation view 
Born in Lima, Peru, Iosu also works with sculptures and installations. His research and artistic project recover the bases of the Andean avant-garde that emerged between the beginning and the middle of the last century. These works sought to break the prevailing image of peasants as backward and degraded agents of society. The indigenist gaze allowed working tools to cease to be seen as a "technical backwardness" and become invitations to think of modernity that takes into account indigenous traditions.

In this sense, the works of the Andean avant-garde wanted to leave behind the imaginary of the countryside as a representation of melancholy for a distant past or of peasants as a crude body of work. These ideas were taken up again a few decades ago after the defeats of the popular movements in South America. This is where Iosu enters the scene. The works exhibited in "Dia de campo" review the figurative style and the conceptual bases of this movement of the last century.
Installation view

Painting from the installation

Painting from the installation
The artist returns to problematize the conflicts of the native peoples over the expropriation of their lands, an economic and political issue that prevails today in the Andean region. Through images that portray different scenes of the countryside -and its imaginary-, Iosu tries to bring our attention back to issues that are losing historical substance in the present. The struggles of peasants and native peoples have long been made invisible by history -and art history as well. That history was denied by the colonizers, landowners, and bourgeoisie. However, the countryside was for a time the place of revolution and the emergence of a new subjectivity.

"Dia de Campo" invites us to look at and imagine the rural world in a new way, as it was thought of by the Andean avant-garde in the last century. For curator Mijail Mitrovic, Iosu's works aim to bring these ways of imagining the countryside to the present to "attend to our pending appointment with the past".
Installation view

Painting from the installation

Painting from the installation
"Dia de Campo"
Location: PASTO Gallery, Chacabuco 866, C1069 CABA, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Opening Date: 1st April, 2023
End Date: -3rd June 2023
Working hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 15pm to 20 pm
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