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October 05, 2022 | nadiaevangelina

"PARAMPARA" is the solo exhibition of Argentine artist Manuel Brandazza, curated by Carla Barbero, as part of the opening of the new exhibition space at PASTO gallery. Parampara continues a work begun last year that the artist first exhibited under the name Muchacho del Paraná, a mural installation that quoted the iconic 1942 sculpture by Lucio Fontana, one of the figures of Latin American modern art.

For Hinduism, "Parampara" is the sonorous expression that indicates the oral transmission of knowledge between masters and disciples, the way in which wisdom circulates. Brandazza's work seems to consist of collecting the attributes of the Paraná, an Argentine city, and creating tributaries to honor it, just as others did before him.

This exhibition integrates his vast trajectory in textile design, performance, and visual arts that he has been pursuing since the late 1990s. In this installation, the artist also absorbs the link with local history (the Paraná River is one of the most important rivers in South America, as it connects three important countries: Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay), but includes the current dramatic atmosphere.

Manuel Brandazza's past projects

The artist's work stands out both for the materials used and for the symbolism that emerges from them. Brandazza uses mud from the Paraná River, silk, and pearls. In this way, he sets out to represent and pay homage to the Argentine Littoral by telling its myths and stories with techniques ranging from sgraffito, embroidery, and sculpture.

Through his works, Brandazza also testifies to the critical current context in which the Paraná River's low water level exposes the difficulties of today's society to commit itself to the care of natural resources. The ecocide that has been developing in the last decades in the region of the Argentinean coast has already provoked the most serious lowing of the river in 77 years.

In Parampara, the artist finds an integrating power between the formal, the poetic, and the historical in precise portions, as he has been developing in the last year. The tension between the beauty of his sculptures, pearly with mud, and the sensual fantasy evoked by those bodies in the midst of brutal reality is what grows in Brandazza's work and governs everything. As his curator puts it, his work can be defined as a bitter-sweet sensation.

Manuel Brandazza's past projects. "Carnaval" (2022)

Manuel Brandazza's past projects. "La Chola Poblete" (2020)

Location: PASTO Gallery, Chacabuco 866, C1069 CABA, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Opening Date: 16th September 2022
End Date: 29th October 2022
Working hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 3pm to 8pm
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