Louise Nevelson at the renovated Procuratie Vecchie for the Venice Biennale

June 27, 2022 | BeatriceS

After 500 years, the Procuratie Vecchie in San Marco Square, Venice, opened its doors coinciding with the opening of the 59th edition of Biennale Arte. On the second floor of the renovated building – restored by the British architect David Chipperfield – there is the exhibition of Louise Nevelson, who was the protagonist of the US Pavillion at the Biennale 60 years ago. 

louise nevelson venice

Born in Ukraine in 1899, she move to New York with her family in 1905. She was a sculptor who worked especially with wood and re-usable materials, because one of her main artistic focuses was to give a second life to the things she worked with, often re-modeling her works even when they were completed. The exhibition shows the history of her artistic practice, from the wooden sculptures to the collages – exhibited for the first time right here in Venice – that always turned around the theme of assemblage. 

Besides that, her practice had also a feminist connotation, where the magic and the original materials combine themselves with her feminine figure. Her gender became her symbol against the male domination of the art world, in which she found many difficulties to overcome. 
louise nevelson venice

Overall, this exhibition gave prestige to the rooms of this ancient and renovated palace in the best way possible, remembering a woman who played a major role in the art world and in the Venice Biennale some years ago.
louise nevelson venice

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