Art, ecology and memory in the Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires

June 13, 2022 | nadiaevangelina

Under the slogan "Earth Day" and to activate urgent conversations about humanity and its relationship with the planet, the Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires designed five exhibitions that address environmental issues in art through group shows and guest artists and possible dialogues between the institution's holdings and new productions. Such is the case of "Enlaces Querandí" (Querandí Links), the anthological exhibition by Mónica Girón that stems from her research on the ancient relationship between people and territory.

"Pizarrón" (2014-2015) by Mónica Girón, silkscreen printing on mdf, fiberglass and epoxy polychromed material

The exhibition, curated by Javier Villa, traces the artist's career, with more than 40 years of work. This project includes a new series of paintings on the landscape of the Querandíes, a community that inhabited the Río de La Plata basin when the Spanish conquistadors arrived. The exhibition creates links between a series of new projects and works from different periods of the artist's career. Through these links, she attempts to stabilize the bewilderment that the world and her work can provoke.

Born in the city of Bariloche, Argentina, Mónica Girón connects social violence with internal violence and approaches art and life from nomadism, hybridity, and transformation. For the artist, art allows us to discern and understand that which overflows us and opens the way to the possibility of projecting, imagining, and transforming. Her works seek a point of balance between emotion and understanding, which turns art into an experience capable of reconnecting us from the present with our ancestors and reestablishing connections with nature, thus being able to improve the links with the biosphere.

Wax figures by Mónica Girón

“Atardecer la hora verde” (2020-2021) by Mónica Giron, 45 x 34 cm

Objects by Mónica Girón

Aerial Figures by Mónica Girón

Girón approaches different media such as sculpture, painting, drawing, mural, and digital production, with precise materials linked to each of her investigations: beeswax to allude to the social binder; watercolor to give form to the liquid currents of the body and the planet; three-dimensional printing in biodegradable materials to quantify the proportions of the seas and continents, and the blackboard to appeal to learning, among others.
Paintings by Mónica Girón

The artist generates dense, hybrid images, full of paradoxes and bewilderment. The pieces are part of her search for a greater understanding of the environment or critical space, both local and global. The local is elaborated in "Enlaces Querandí" through the paintings that construct an idealized projection that could intertwine the past and the future of the Rio de la Plata basin. In turn, global geography is explored by Girón to quantify, objectify and thus understand the corporeality of the continents, the movement of their land masses, and the circulation of energy through the seas and their marine currents.

"Enlaces Querandí" can be toured in conjunction with the exhibition "El Límite” (The Limit), which brings together works recently included in the modern museum's holdings and which are situated against violence, whether institutional, environmental, or gender-based.

Rio de la Plata Fauna Paintings by Mónica Girón

"Marsh Deer" (2017-2018) by Mónia Girón

"Enlaces Querandí"
Location: Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires, Argentina,  Av. San Juan 350, C1147 AAO, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Opening Date: 8th April 2022
End Date: 28th February 2023
Working hours: Monday: 11am to 7pm
                          Wednesday-Friday: 11am to 7pm
                          Saturday-Sunday: 11am to 8pm
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