Mythological and mysterious beings inhabit the "Terra Incógnita"

May 04, 2022 | nadiaevangelina

Under the slogan "The habit of creating new worlds", an axis for thinking about other universes, especially post-pandemic ones, the Biennial of Young Art was held at the Recoleta Cultural Center, the mythical exhibition space in Argentina. One of the most outstanding visual art exhibitions is "Terra Incógnita", curated by Laura Spivak, which explores an unexplored and imagined territory by Argentine artists Renata Schussheim, Dana Ferrari, Emilia De las Carreras, Ramiro Quesada Pons and Nazareno Pereyra.

The project consists of installations, sculptures, and showcases with all kinds of strange and undefined objects created by the young artists, congregated around the mermaid, the work of the consecrated artist Schussheim.

Installation by Renata Schussheim (2022)

"Terra Incognita" refers to the way ancient cartographers named the unexplored territories that, like everything unknown, gave rise to a series of mythologies and mysteries. The common thread of the exhibition is the sense of loss, something closely related to the end of the pandemic.

Upon entering the room, the viewer encounters a space converted into a large field of color. "Terra Incognita" is a truly immersive showcase, where the ultramarine blue of the ceilings, floors, and walls contributes to the sense of infinite expanse. The setting creates the illusion that the public is about to pass through a portal to a new dimension where the notion of time and space would be lost.

View from the Cronopios Room (2022)

The big star of the show is a large 3D-scanned mermaid with the face of the artist and set designer Renata Schussheim, which creates an apocalyptic atmosphere. The sculpture of the hypnotic mermaid with colored hair and clear eyes stands on a stage, in front of a landscape of changing nature and in the midst of enveloping music. At the same time, the 3D modeling achieves impressive realism, the similarity between the mermaid and the artist is frightening.

3D-scanned mermaid byRenata Schussheim (2022)

"Mermaids are said to madly attract travelers. They create illusions and are the bane of sea explorers. Enigmatic and with the wisdom of time in her gaze, Renata's mermaid contemplates the universe in its unfathomable oscillation between destruction and rebirth, life and death, seduction and perdition." The curator's words refer to the glamour of a prehistoric era conveyed by these mythological beings.

Around this room are the delicate sculptures made from the remains of imagined artificial ecosystems, by the artist Emilia de las Carreras. Meanwhile, Dana Ferrari has generated a series of aerial pieces of nests that house monsters.

Sculptures by Ramiro Quesada Pons (2022)

Sculptures by Dana Ferrari, under Roberto Traferri's theatrical lighting (2022)

Nazareno Pereyra (2022)

Emilia de las Carreras (2022)

These pieces scattered around the room interact with the work of Ramiro Quesada Pons, humanoid sculptures created in styrofoam and plaster that represent a community of science fiction characters, which deals with the relationship we have with personal technological objects and other objects of consumption. For his part, Nazareno Pereyra designed a time machine room that combines the industrial with the animal.

"Terra Incógnita" somehow invites us to lose track of time, to immerse ourselves in a space of estrangement and fascination.

"Terra Incógnita" 
Location: Recoleta Cultural Center, Junín 1930, C1113 CABA, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Opening Date: 20th March 2022
End Date: -
Working hours: Tuesday-Friday: 1.30pm to 10pm
Saturday-Sunday: 11.15am to 10pm

Official website: 


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