"Color in Transit": experiencing color by argentine artist Martín Reyna

April 10, 2022 | nadiaevangelina

The unique solo exhibition of Argentine artist Martín Reyna offers the viewer a complete sensory experience. "Color in Transit" held at Del Infinito Art Gallery, consists of an extensive series of abstract landscapes painted with watercolor on approximately more than 36 meters of curved paper. The set-up is the key element: the large paintings float in the middle of the rooms so that the public can walk through the canvases as if they could stroll among the colors.

"Color in Transit" (2022), Del Infinito Art Gallery
Based in Paris for 30 years, Martín Reyna began his artistic career in the 80s under the current of abstract expressionism. That is why when we see his works we can recognize the influence of artists such as Jackson Pollock or Lee Krasner. However, Reyna's paintings are composed of more subtle and harmonious strokes, inspired by the landscapes of nature. But these are not works of a documentary nature; rather, the artist intends to capture the sensations and emotions that those landscapes provoke in him.

Reyna's art is characterized by his spirit of experimentation. Currently, his works are composed of minimal elements that flow looking for autonomous paths in their journey across the surface. In fact, the artist almost does not intervene in his works; he lets the fluidity of water act on light, space, and color. There is a factor of freedom that can be transmitted to his viewers. That lack of control over nature makes a strong statement. At a time when humans strive to control their environment despite the damage they generate, to visit this exhibition is to be carried away by the forces of nature even while inside a building in the middle of the city of Buenos Aires.
"Color in Transit" (2022), Del Infinito Art Gallery

The exhibition set-up completely transforms the relationship with the space. The bland walls of the gallery have now become a strange, sinuous, and voluminous landscape. The gallerist Julian Mizrahi describes the project as "an experimental, almost heroic act by an artist who fearlessly poses the need to leave the wall, a great ally in his career. His proposal is on the way to add volumetry to color and to continue conquering spatiality, which gives infinite possibilities to his own universe".

"Color in transit" is a festival of sensations. The use of perspective, different rhythms, falls and accidents of matter accentuated by the intensity of color, give great dynamism to the space. Reyna seduces with his loose, spontaneous, and natural style, and recovers the virtues of modern painting. A dramatic black painting puts the finishing touch to the show with the strong contrast of the red color used as a rubric.
"Color in Transit" (2022), Del Infinito Art Gallery
"Color in Transit"
Location: Del Infinito Art Gallery, Pres. Manuel Quintana 325, C1014 ACD, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Opening Date: 11th March 2022
End Date: 2nd May 2022
Working hours: Monday-Friday: 11 am to 18 pm
Official website: https://delinfinito.com/

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