"Art in Social Media", the pandemic digital art award

February 04, 2022 | nadiaevangelina

"Art in Social Media" is the thematic proposed for the 12th edition of the Itaú Visual Arts Award created in Buenos Aires, in its Art and Technology section. The category, inaugurated six years ago, aims at the visibility and reflection of artistic proposals by emerging Argentine artists conceived for new media and materialities. The finalists are part of an interesting exhibition at Espacio Byte, an online museum dedicated to Argentine and international digital art.

The selected works are based on the role of social media during the pandemic, fostering the connection between people, and a way of relating to the world unthinkable a few years ago. Social media was the main, and perhaps the only, way in which people could -and had the need- to show their personality, and thus relate to their environment. The most interesting thing about "Art in Social Media" is that the works are placed in different social media and other interactive platforms to intervene directly on the medium, and at the same time reflect its interactive nature.

"Proyecto Salto de Fe“, 2018

The winner of the category was "Proyecto Salto de Fe“(Project Leap of Faith, 2018), which consists of an Instagram account of spiritual advice and training for self-improvement and personal success. The work ironically questions the effectiveness of such programs that promise success and happiness, something present decades ago but now available in its 2.0 version. We can find another Instagram account: “Museo Animado” (Animated Museum, 2021). The feed functions as a collection of animated self-portraits of Argentine painters of the twentieth century that merge with digital discourse.

"Juzguemos Juntos” (Let's judge together, 2021) is one of the most effective works. Based on sarcasm, the user must vote via Instagram how slutty the model is. The play is not only about making the user uncomfortable but also about exposing the parameters in society and social networks, as the account was later deleted. Why would Instagram have done this? This is a question we will not have an answer to.
"Museo Animado", 2021

"VERDE", 2021

Other works propose a more interactive contact, as is the case of "VERDE" (GREEN, 2021), a videogame that exposes the feminist struggle to expand their rights. The title of the work refers to the color that symbolized the demand for the Law of Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy (IVE), finally sanctioned in January 2021. “Voyager" (2021) is a virtual meeting room created in the free and open-source software application jitsi.org. Each time you enter the room you will receive the announcement "You are alone in the meeting" and a warning, "The name of the room is unsafe. Unwanted participants may arrive to join the meeting." The play parallels video calls, a phenomenon so popular during the pandemic, and the desire of humans to contact other species.

As the works reflect, the artists chosen from across the country portrayed different experiences during the pandemic. The creativity of the proposals demonstrates the infinite capacity of art to reinvent itself, especially in a medium as versatile as the digital one.

"Arte en Redes Sociales"/ "Art in Social Media"
Location: Espacio Byte Website, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Opening Date: December 2021
End Date: Permanent exhibition
Working hours: Sunday-Sunday: 24 hs.
Official website: http://www.espaciobyte.org/


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