The exhibition "100% .RO - Prejudices" from Nicolae Minovici Museum / MMB, traditional art translated into contemporary creations

November 26, 2021 | Cosmina Marcela OLTEAN ArtPage

 At Nicolae Minovici Museum of Folk Art / Museum of Bucharest (MMB) can still be seen the exhibition "100% .RO - Prejudices" (April 23, 2021 - April 30, 2022), a special project by French fashion designer Philippe Guilet, which is also a novelty in the museum and exhibition activity in Romania. The museum recently announced the decision by which the project extends its deadline until next year. The exhibition proposes a unique way of relating to romanian traditional culture, reflected in the vision of a foreign artist who came to sincerely love Romania, an interpretation of art and traditions translated into creations that enter into visual and conceptual relationship with the heritage presented at Nicolae Minovici Museum. Thus, the traditional is combined with an innovative vision, and the result is simply amazing - traditional art is translated into new art.

Photos by Nicolae Minovici Museum / MMB

The "100% .RO" project started at the end of 2011 with the presentation of the collection first in Bucharest, then in Paris, followed by a worldwide itinerary. In an interview at the time, the designer stated that he did not agree with the sarcasm with which Romania is talked about in France, emphasizing that the real Romania is the one reflected by culture and especially by folk art. Through this project, Guilet presents original creations that preserves the essence of the Romanian traditional culture, emphasizing its aesthetic potential and authenticity.

The French fashion designer Philippe Guilet collaborated with numerous Romanian craftsmen to create the 100%.RO - Prejudices collection in 2011. Removing any prejudices related to Romanian culture, Guilet created a clothing collection meant to highlight the current creation and craft tradition. Just as a number of specialists work to produce special haute couture pieces, in the same way a team of folk craftsmen and artisans, together with young designers, worked under the careful orchestration of Guilet. The sources of creation have exceeded the sphere of folk costume, the collection-experiment being inspired by the joy of Romanians, or various objects of our customs, such as the Easter egg ", we learn from the museographer Madalina Manolache (Nicolae Minovici Museum , MMB).

The exhibition opened on April 23, 2021 is waiting for visitors until April 30, 2022.

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