ArtePadova: the changes of the art fairs in Italy

November 17, 2021 | BeatriceS

It had just been closed the doors of ArtePadova, one of the most important events of the international art fair in Italy and Europe. After the cancellation of the last edition, due to the pandemic of Covid-19, the art fairs in Europe came back to show – once again – the scene of the international art world.

Image courtesy of ArtePadova

From 12th to 15th November, the art fair of Padova exhibited over 15.000 works with over 300 galleries and exhibitors. The three pavilions dedicated to the art fair had been divided into three big categories:

-          Arte Padova, which is the main group with the most important galleries in Italy, that showed the greatest contemporary artists and the iconic ones (like Warhol, Fontana, Boetti…);

-          The Contemporary Art Talent Show, related to galleries, associations and collectives that exhibited emerging and independent artists with works under 5.000€ (this year there were also the C.A.T Prize and the Mediolanum Prize for the most talented artist);

-          Antiquiaria, dedicated to the antique (furniture, artworks, jewelry, etc.).

After almost two years from the beginning of the pandemic, the international art scene didn’t change too much, but a great change is happening: very slowly – and especially in the emerging artists – we can see more and more artists from different gender, ethnicities, races, that can finally speak for themselves and change the dominant perspective of the art world.

Image courtesy of ArtePadova

It will be interesting to see – in the next years – how this world will evolve and how the collectors and the art market will answer to these changes.

Tratto di arte, cultura e diritti umani.

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