"Photo Open Up", an international festival of photography in Padua

October 19, 2021 | BeatriceS

On Monday October, 18th in Padua “Photo Open Up”, an international festival of photography, will close its doors after this successful third edition whose theme was “Hell, Hells”. 

Italy, Alexandra Boulat, Photo Open Up festival, photography

2021 marks the seventh centenary of Dante Alighieri’s death and there will be manifestations and events that will be related to this important anniversary. 

Italy, Letizia Battaglia, Photo Open Up Festival, photography

This festival tried to reflect on the themes outlined by the Italian poet in his “Inferno” (Hell), the first cantica of The Divine Comedy. The photographs - exhibited in some places of the city, such as Museo Eremitani, Cattedrale ex Macello, Palazzo Zuckermann - fill the temporal gap between the work of Dante Alighieri (13th century), his catholic moral and its redemption’s path described within its pages, and the contemporaneity. 

Italy, William Lakin, Photo Open Up festival, photography

Through different styles of photography and famous artists such as Letizia Battaglia, Luigi Ghirri, Francesco Jodice and Roni Horn, the exhibitions show the current hells and the issues of our society. For example, the Afghan refugees can be seen through the lens of Alexandra Boulat, a french photo reporter that worked there during the occidental occupation; toxic masculinity and the consequences of patriarchy on males are discussed in the photographs of the english William Lakin. Relationships, queerness, violence, love, activism and self-introspection are just some of the topics you can find at this incredible festival, and we cannot wait for the next edition.

Photo Open Up. International festival of photography
Padua, Italy
September 18th-October 10th 2021

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