“Free Camp” International Arts Workshop: Abstract expressions and chromatic harmonies, in the space of the Art Gallery of HCC

September 28, 2021 | Cosmina Marcela OLTEAN ArtPage

Recently, the Art Gallery of Harghita County Council displayed the artistic results of the participants in the international art workshop Free Camp (August 27 - September 15), now in its seventeenth edition, an event that encourages freedom of expression and does not impose barriers in terms of working technique or theme. However, in the exhibition one can easily notice a predilection of artists for abstract representation, translated by works that fall into artistic movements such as action painting and gesturalism. The contemporary artist often associates the idea of creative freedom with an abstract representation centered on the expressiveness of color.

Gallery capture by Bogdan Urzica

Thus, the visitors of the exhibition were able to discover in the gallery space a series of abstract expressions that speak about color, line, matter, gesture and authorial freedom. In some works the color spots dominate, and in others the lines and shapes obtained spontaneously, through the freedom of gesture, but all are inscribed in the register of a nonfigurative denoting tension or creative energy. The characteristic of the gesturalist movement, but also of the tacitist one, is especially the exteriorization through colors and forms of some inner states or tensions.

"Creation is the true measure of human freedom. At Miercurea Ciuc, Harghita County, there is a space where plastic artists from everywhere, demolishing any kind of borders, focusing only on themselves, can create together: Free Camp", said the critic Székedi Ferenc. And this year's edition managed to "defeat the virus and virtuality, and life and creation present themselves before us again, in their reality", the critic continued.

Photo - Cosmina M. Oltean

In the exhibition were found works signed by the artists Andrea Balló, Nicolae Barb, Elena Drăgulelei Dumitru, Mariana Papară, Csaba Fazakas, Endre Lehel, Volker Schwarz, Ger Varga and Torino Bocaniciu. The project was curated by László Botár. The exhibition was organized by the Harghita County Council / CJHr Art Gallery, in collaboration with the Harghita County Cultural Center and the Cultura Nostra Association.

Ph. Cosmina M. Oltean

Ph. Bogdan Urzica

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