58th October Salon, Belgrade Biennale 2021

July 20, 2021 | Ivana Nedeljković

The 58th October Salon - Belgrade Biennale has opened! "Dreamers" is an exhibition that brings together 64 international artists from all over the world.

Most of them have never exhibited in Belgrade or the Balkans before!

The October Salon or recently the Belgrade Biennale is an exhibition where the audience has the opportunity to see current achievements and new productions of artists from all over the world. Most of the works are presented for the first time in Belgrade at this year's exhibition, and some works represent new productions that were made just for this exhibition, that is, the concept of "Dreamer".

The choice of curators to invite the younger, ie the middle generation of artists was certainly completed by the works of already established names on the world stage such as Pierre Uig, Henri Sale, Jeremy Deler, Cao Fei, Mark Leki, which were relevant to curators for their research on this topic.

The exhibition features authors working in a wide range of media: video, performance, spatial installations, painting, sculptures - exploring different topics from those related to policies related to culture and identity, alienation and psychological aspects of human experience.

The exhibition of works, to single out some of them, Claudia Conte, Wong Ping, John Raffman, David Duar, Margarit Imo, Clara Hoznedlove, in the Museum of the City of Belgrade in Resavska transform the dimensions of space and draws visitors into a universe that is both foreign and famous.

The works of Sonja Radaković and Sanja Ćopić were specially performed during the opening weekend, and their traces can only be guessed at in the installation; while the work of Alex da Corte "Blue Moon" can be reported, viewed and participate in the living room or bedroom through a television screen and RTS3 channel (every evening from 20.55).

The 58th October Salon will be accompanied by a rich program - public guided tours, thematic guided tours, workshops for children and youth, talk with artists, and for fans of outdoor activities, every other weekend will be organized "October picnic" in the park in front of the Museum of Yugoslavia.

We would like to remind you that expert-guided tours through the 58th October Salon take place every Sunday from 1 pm in the Museum of the City of Belgrade (Resavska 40b).

The following is a list of artists and artistic groups participating in the 58th October Salon - Belgrade Biennale:

Marija Avramović and Sam Twidedale, Jean-Marie Apriu, Trisha Baga, Davide Balula, Cecilia Bengolea, Will Benedict, James Bridle, Dora Budor, Nico Vashelari, Jordan Wolfson, Cyprian Gaillard, Nenad Gajic, Alex Da Corte, Nikola Dee, Jeremy Deler, Simon Danny, DIS (Lorin Boyle, Solomon Chase, Marco Rosso, David Thoreau) Aleksandra Domanovic, David Duar, Cecil B. Evans, Camille Enro, Marguerite Imo, Invernomuto (Simon Bertucci, Simon Trabuki), Alex Israel, Elaine Cameron- Vir, Melike Kara, Nadežda Kirćanski, Josh Klein, Claudia Comte, Matt Copson, Oliver Larik Mark Leki, Hana Livi, Hana Miletić, Ebeko Muslimova, Katja Novickova, Prešes Okojomon, Wong Ping, Sonja Radaković, John Ruffman, Henri Sala
Augustas Serapinas, Igor Simic, Mariana Simnet, Guan Xiao, Emily May Smith, Colin Snape, Daniel Stigman Manjrane, Diamond Stingley, Jena Sutela, Nora Turato, Sanja Copic, Vuk Cosic, Vuk Cuk, Pierre Uig, Cao Fei, Mauro Hertig, Klara Hoznedlova, David Horwitz, Max Hooper Schneider, Tan Hussein Clark, Ian Cheng, Bojan Sarcevic.

Beginning date: 25.06.2021.
End date: 22.08.2021.
Cultural Center Hall, Belgrade Cultural Center, Museum of the City of Belgrade, Museum of Yugoslavia

Found out more on the official October Salon website:

October Salon Contact:
Cultural Center of Belgrade, Knez Mihailova 6/I, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

This year's October salon program:


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