Exhibition “EREWHON / NOHWERE” by artist Tincuța Marin

May 11, 2021 | Cosmina Marcela OLTEAN ArtPage

The Art Museum of Cluj-Napoca presents between 6-23 May 2021, the exhibition EREWHON / NOHWERE, which brings together the latest works of the artist Tincuța Marin. This first personal exhibition in a museum space of Tincuța Marin, curated by Dr. Dan Breaz, highlights, through a careful selection, works that summarize the last three years of the artist's creation.

As a curatorial theme, the exhibition <<identifies in the works of the artist Tincuța Marin an imaginary, dystopian universe, in which the human being seems threatened by a foreign force, external to it. Read from end to end, "Erewhon" should mean "Nowhere," but writer Samuel Butler, when formulating this concept as the title of his famous novel, "defected" the English word for "nowhere," moving the letter "h" ”Within the word, so that “Erewhon / Nohwere ”came to designate, in fact, an unusual fictional universe. In a similar way, Tincuța Marin constructs her visual world, because, although her narratives are independent of the daily life regime, she still preserves the concreteness of the lived life. The relaxed, seemingly rude execution has nothing to do with the candor of naive painters, nor with the anti-canonical preoccupations of primitivists, but with the staging, often self-ironic, of a hypersensitivity assumed as a central element in his artistic identity. The characters and situations, no matter how fantastic they may seem, do not lose the veracity of embedded beings and, respectively, the credibility of the interactions in the natural universe, because Tincuța Marin's artistic imaginary is always very carefully directed>>, highlights the curator.

<<Like the well-known English writer, Tincuța Marin knows how to move the accents on her visual “maps”, so as to obtain, paradoxically, palpable but untraceable universes, whose way of life is dysfunction. The pretext of the new works made by Tincuța Marin is the visual transfiguration of antagonistic relations. (...) Non-adherent to the theorizations of posthumanism or feminism, Tincuța Marin extols the permanence of the human being, in his double quality of “constructor” of the world at the level of knowledge and of the only ordering principle in a dystopian universe. Bigfoot's animal appearance is a metaphor for human fragility, and the presence of the aura is an expression of theophany, in its capacity as a revealer of the divine origin of artistic talent>>, continues Dan Breaz.

What the artist says about her art?

„My paintings coagulate scenes that do not necessarily subscribe to an aesthetic attitude, but delineate the search for a very personal process of making the image. For me, this project is a complex challenge in seeking and acquiring an own style of state expression through an artistic approach that helps me to reach the unique way of releasing my gesture in response to the chosen subject. The images taken from them are de-structured and re-composed to create various, magical and dynamic compositions, completing the collages through the basics of pictorial-gesture, line, spot and shape.

In my works I discuss the problems related to magic, dream, form and composition, metamorphosis of the perception filters, the characters rendered by me being deformed, with strange atypical faces. I like to reinterpret the facts of reality into a world of mine, full of magic, beautiful, ugly, through deformations, elongations, twists and turns sending them into a grotesque visual area. I want to suggest the atmosphere of dreams, to express an emotion without resorting to narrative clichés. What I am interested in is the absurd, the exploration of the limits of reality, which can bring about an individual reality.” - Tincuța Marin

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