"PLANETARIUM", new pictorial project by romanian artist Mirela Iordache

April 21, 2021 | Cosmina Marcela OLTEAN ArtPage

Artist Mirela Iordache studied Fine Arts, Cultural Heritage and Restoration at University of Bucharest (2002) and has a master's degree in Creative Strategies in Painting from UNArte Bucharest (2014).

The artist works with both classical and experimental art. She creates pictorial works (classical and experimental), engraving (lino, pointe sèche), collage and photography. His pictorial style is divided between abstract and figurative. The abstract works include entropic expressionism and abstract expressionism. In the figurative area of her practice, Mirela works in the style of Photorealism and Neo-expressionism. Among her past projects list are „Entropomorphs” (exhibitions in 2014, 2016, 2017), „Trans-ego” (2015), „Axis” (2012-2013), „Self” (2012) and „Imaginary Architectures” (2012), but the list of her personal and collective exhibitions is longer.

Mirela Iordache in her studio

The artist's latest exhibition project, recently opened in the Art Yourself Gallery in

Bucharest until April 30, is Planetarium - an exhibition focused on abstractionism,

chromatic force and total lack of geometry and shape. The artist's compositions focus on gesture,

on the inner state, on the moment that generates them, on the „now”, on color, matter, all linked on the imaginary level by the artistic concept.

Mirela Iordache, "Blue fragments"

“The abstract is the absolute nonfigurative! A statement in the absence of the recognizable, in a denial of the eikon, a work that cannot be read in waiting horizons… Geometry and straight lines are absent. The form is born from gesture, the gesture from inner state, and the state and the moment give the uniqueness! Matter is born from sinuosities defying perpendicularity, a self-dictation faithfully following the state, expressed in plastic language. Gestures and form acquire kinetic features, they become geographies of the imaginary ”, explains the artist in the exhibition statement that accompanies the Planetarium project.


"Each new canvas is a challenge, fragments or whole in search for a response. It is the revelation of a moment or the culmination of endless days and nights of unrest. The germination of the idea towards gesture, shape and color. It is the essence of the narrator encapsulated in a new plastic expression! ”, added Mirela.

The rest I think is beyond words, is art and it's purely visual. To understand better and more, we have look at her artworks, brought together under the title of this exhibition. Now I should list the most important painting exhibitions of artist Mirela Iordache in Romania, which are:

2021, PLANETARIUM // ArtYourself Galleries, Bucharest

2019, Anthropogen // Carol Galleries, Oradea

2018, Risipitori II // Prahova County Art Museum „Ion Ionescu - Quintusˮ, Ploiești

2018, Ne / ow Art // Cantacuzino Castle, Busteni

2017, Entropomorphs // Carol Galleries, Bucharest

2016, Mirela Iordache // Museum of Visual Art, Galați

2015, Squanderers // GO Art Projects Gallery, Bucharest

2013, Axis // ArtYourself Gallery, Bucharest

At the same time, the artist was present in a series of collective national and international exhibitions, such as:

2020, National Salon of Contemporary Art / Visual Arts Center, Bucharest

2020, Contemporania II [50 x 50] / Art Yourself Gallery, Bucharest

2018, National Salon of Contemporary Art / National Museum of Art of Romania (MnaR), Bucharest

2017, Chisinau International Painting Biennial / Iasi Art Museum, National Art Museum of Moldova Chisinau

2017, Retrospective of Romanian contemporary painting Paris - Bucharest / Espace culturel Christiane Peugeot, Paris

2016, Soleil de L’Est Retrospective in Bucharest / ARCUB, Sala Coloanelor, Bucharest

2016, Art Safari - Bucharest Art Pavilion / Dacia-Romania Palace, Bucharest

2015, Soleil de L’Est: 20 years of activity / Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR), Bucharest

2015, Chisinau International Painting Biennial / Brâncuși Hall, Parliament Palace, Bucharest

2014, UNArte at 150 years / Dalles Hall, Bucharest

2013, Presences of Romanian contemporary painting in France / Romanian Cultural Institute, Bucharest

2013, Triennale Européene de l’Estampe Contemporaine / Cultural Center, Rignac, France

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