"Participatory attachments", a spectacular mix of expression forms, dynamism and ingenious fantasy

January 13, 2021 | Cosmina Marcela OLTEAN ArtPage

A rare exhibition on the museum stage of Romania, but extremely brave through the conceptual and methodological approach of the relationship between art and education, opened its doors in December at the Art Museum in Cluj-Napoca, where it will remain available to the public to visit until on January 17, 2021. “Acroşaje participative” / „Participatory attachments” is the result of an ambitious process of construction and collaborative creation, put on the page at the initiative of art historian Alexandra Sârbu, museographer at the prestigious museum institution in Cluj, in partnership with the Department of Photo-Video-Computer Processing The images from the University of Art and Design (UAD), through which the simes of the imposing baroque secular building in the heart of the historic center of the city, they have become the scene of an overflowing creative energy - video art and animation, sound, light and creative writing - which opens new and surprising perspectives on some reference works from the patrimony of the "National Gallery", the permanent exhibition of the museum.

Photo Credit - Andrei Budescu

Splendid pictorial works that are inscribed as iconic landmarks in the artistic biography of some of the greatest masters of modern Romanian art, Nicolae Grigorescu, Ştefan Luchian, Nicolae Tonitza or Camil Ressu, have changed, under the rule of stimulating dialogues, valuable exchange of ideas and creativity exercises, in the most fruitful sources of inspiration, feeding an unexpected, fresh and captivating key to reading, in the conception and directorial vision of some very talented young artists, Cristian Coptil, Diana Iftime, Alexandru-Andrei Petrea and Diana Ţepeş , who are currently studying photography, video art and digital image processing at the Arts and Design University of Cluj.

The art students had the opportunity to exercise, at the same time, a double position, namely that of authors and actors, directors and protagonists of a true interdisciplinary conversation with some of the most remarkable works of art in the museum's collection, "in a formula that harmoniously combined the process of artistic creation with that of collaborative museography and public curating, the museum has emerged, consciously and voluntarily, as a facilitator of an open experience, appealing to and offering space for expression to other voices, which I am literally investing enthusiastically, both intellectually, culturally and emotionally, in a collective effort to build interpretive scenarios that bear the unmistakable mark of uninhibited gaze ", added Alexandra Sârbu, art historian and museographer. 

In a brief description, „Participatory attachments” is, according to Alexandra Sârbu, “an innovative, creative, interdisciplinary and intensely participatory project, based on the convergence between instructive-educational practice focused on art experimentation and contemporary artistic research. it is clearly and distinctly part of the dynamics of cultural production ”. In other words, it has all the ingredients of a real synchronization with the most visionary and daring approaches of this kind that can be found in the offer of the great museums of the western world, more and more interested.

PhD Lecturer Andrei Budescu, head of the Photo-Video-Computerized Image Processing Department, underlined: “Participatory attachments created for the young artists, at the beginning of the road, the chance to display their own reinterpretations of the great masters on the simes of the Art Museum from Cluj-Napoca. With the help of new visual technologies, the exhibition halls have acquired a new perspective meant to direct the spectator's steps towards a contemplative inner experience, towards a detachment, even for a few minutes, from the tumult of daily life ”.

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