{fluo immersion} - Andrei Popa’s most recent painting exhibition

August 31, 2020 | Cosmina Marcela OLTEAN ArtPage

{fluo immersion} is a story about colors, light and geometrical patterns. The subject of Andrei Popa’s paintings, presented in {fluo immersion} exhibition in the Art Museum Brasov, Romania, is “the investigation of hidden links between the natural world and architecture, through the common language of sacred geometry, in effort to unravel the secrets of the matter organization”, as the artist says in his statement. 

Andrei Popa's paintings in the Art Museum of Brasov, Romania
Photos by Cosmina M. Oltean

While creating this paintings, the artist found inspiration in the fascination of nature and the geometrical patterns that many organisms hide within. “Nature pushed me to study and to understand the mechanisms of its functioning and, above all, I was astonished to discover how the sunlight (and the UV radiation) transformes species and how it makes organisms to develop according to geometrical patterns”. The artist is also attracted to architecture and thinks that the buildings that humans built in different time periods have a great relevance on our process of evolution as species. “I understand architecture as the expression of the noblest of human asspirations. As he says, he has a deep sensitivity for the message transmited by those constructions fallen to decrepitude and the fascinating spectacle of their deconstruction. 

Regarding the artistic technique used by the artist to create the works presented in this specific exhibition, he combined oil, acrylic colors and fluorescent colors on canvas, integrating this way the natural elements with the artificial. The fluorescent colors, as the artist says, allows him to imbue the paintings with a double visual identity – the one seen in normal light and a hidden one, shown when they are exposed to UV light. In some of the works the artist added geometric shapes made with phosphorus particle colors, thus offering a third identity when viewed in the dark, shortly after light exposure. The fluorescence can be interpreted as a tribute to sunlight and as a spiritual aspiration, while the nocturnal side of this art can comprise hermeneutic messages for matter persistency. 

The novelty of Andrei Popa’s paintings may come from his exploration of these active images, created using an innovative techinique that allows every painting to possess multiple identities. Through this exhibition the artist intended to offer the viewer an immersion into different types of light - daylight, UV light and even lack of light, that in the first place. Secondly, the artist presents an experiment of perceiving forms and colors through light – its emission and its interaction with matter, as well as the transmission of different impressions through the eye and the optic nerve.

The dark room. Andrei Popa's fluorescent artworks

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