Flavia Pintea’s Research on Social Regeneration. Integrating artificial and organic matter as a way of creation

August 16, 2020 | Cosmina Marcela OLTEAN ArtPage

Young Romanian artist Flavia Pintea works with concepts such as social regeneration, climate regeneration and natural life sustainability. She intends to create artworks that not only can be displayed in a gallery, but also raise questions on social problems and have the wish to actually contribute to people’s lives. Her starting point were the traditional art mediums, such as painting and engraving. Then, after a few years and given to the multicultural experiences she had studying abroad, in France and Italy, drove her to constant search in technology, chemistry, biology, literature and social sciences, contributing to the growth of many new ideas that now uses in her current artistic and scientific research.

“In my five years of studying as a practitioner, graduating with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in painting, I have encountered the need to expand my knowledge in the field and the way I used to create, so I took the path of interdisciplinary research by taking one more Master’s degree in Art Theory. In doing so, I applied for two scholarships to study at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Verona, in Italy and at Faculté des Humanités Lille 3, in Villeneuve d'Ascq, France. These multicultural experiences successfully added to the curatorial practice at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome, where I worked with people from all over the world, constantly searching for a general outlook on the recent art, to discover ways of creating that could be relatable to a wider public”, concludes the artist. 

"Regenerated Human" project by Flavia Pintea

Her conceptual approaches include material and social regeneration, sustainability and a quest for alternatives that could improve the present methods used. A project that proves all the above is a recent research started last year, for her second dissertation thesis at Theories and Practices in Visual Art Faculty in Yassy, Romania, called "Regenerated Human". The project is a sketch for a future bio-sculptural installation made of materials recycled from nature and it also contains living matter, bacteria that generates oxygen by consuming carbon dioxide. The project is designed as a response for climate regeneration actions that are more and more needed. Inspired by Joseph Beuys’s social sculptures and the Newton's third law which postulates that for every action in nature there is always an equal reaction, the "Regenerated Human" project proposes a new discourse between humans and the environment around them and the balancing of some actions whose effects are reversible only by observing and analyzing the subsequent effects. The intention of the project is to create a space of transition between artificial creation and nature, and to put man in a position to feed the environment, not to consume its resources in a way that leaves traces impossible to treat on both short and long term. 

"Regenerated Human" project, detail 1

"Regenerated Human" intervenes as a mediation between production and what remains behind it and contributes to the fixation of a natural breath between materialities. With a project like this, that integrate artificial and organic matter as a way of creation, Flavia seeks to develop visual but also utilitarian artworks that generate knowledge as well as raising awareness of the contribution that all people have in the cycle of improving and developing, both cultural and sociological. In addition, more than artistic and scientific characteristics, this research includes a strong sociological approach regarding the needs of the present moment and rethinks them in terms of how they can be fulfilled in the future. The project addresses life in a space of conciliation and wants to transport the viewer on a questioning route of how people interact with each other, with nature, with matter and more importantly to always consider the consequences of their creation when taking any action.

"Regenerated Human" project, detail 2

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