Summer Vibes: Holiday

July 24, 2020 | Ivana Nedeljković

At this uncertain times of the pandemic, summer for most people does not look like before. The new situation has forced many to postpone planned trips, delay going outside the borders of the state, and even prevent vacations for many. The changed summer plans brought with them the need for escapism in the world of an imaginary summer resort, in the memory of past summers or fantasizing about the future.

The goal of this exhibition is to take the audience on such an imaginary journey to the sea rocks, pools, islands and sandy beaches so that at least for a short time the visitors would be able to escape from the harshness of reality.

Lidija Delić, Marija Šević, and Ana Adamović show real geographical topos that they visited, but to which they gave a new, personal dimension in their works. Their experiences of the spirit, atmosphere, ambiance of the place, the specifics of the landscape are transferred to the works of art and intertwined with the meditations of the artists about the experiences and meanings of the place.

Marija Avramović, on the other hand, paints a completely imaginary space, abstracted geographically, but associatively atmospheric enough to be able to significantly serve as a paradigm of a utopian resort. In a certain sense, all the presented places are both real and imaginary, they refer to both physical and metaphysical reality. 

The artists maintain a representative attitude towards the landscape but do not reduce their meaning to mimesis. An empty pool or a turbulent sea, the sound of palm trees, the sound of seagulls or sunset on the horizon are not just material recordings of the moment - these elements romantically represent the landscape of emotions and thoughts, inner psychological world, as well as the spirit of the place and the meaning of topos.

The works in the exhibition create a common atmosphere of peace - either contemplation, meditation, tranquillity, peace, serenity, but certainly for everyone over the necessary rest. These summer vibes serve to silence the noise of everyday life - too much information, commitments, stress, overthinking, overall anxiety - and to bring the feeling that a utopian vacation dream-like-place, which does not have to be exclusively in a summer resort, but in a gallery, park, river, or ourselves in our own mind. 

Exhibition curator: Ana Simona Zelenović 
Art director: Maja Kolarić
November Art Gallery is a new gallery space in the heart of Vračar (Belgrade downtown), dedicated to art production and promotion of international young and emerging artists with a particular focus on the Serbian and regional contemporary art scene.

Official website:

Marija Avramović / Lidija Delić / Marija Šević / Ana Adamović

Exhibition opened on 9th July 2020
Runs until 30th August 2020
Location: Kursulina 22 Street, 11000 Belgrade (Serbia)

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