Mariana Motoko - Illustrating minimalist femininity

July 05, 2020 | Leilany Rangel

Through imaginary worlds, Motoko’s artwork is the definition of the beauty of the minimalistic lifestyle, every line she draws creates an exquisite silhouette of the women’s body, in neutral colors and fine line style shares the story of a mystical woman in every illustration, as well as a fantasy world. 

Mariana was born in Chihuahua a city in northeast Mexico, her artistic career is based on Guadalajara, Jalisco, where she lives and works, Mariana Ramos Romo, best known as Mariana Motoko, is a graphic designer, her minimalistic style is giving her the recognition in the Mexican illustrator world, as she has participated in collaboration with Mexican brands to pursue the meaning of feminism and share her ideas with the community to create a change in the society. 

Hibrido (hybrid), is her new graphic collection, using different techniques to speak up about identity and our bonding with each other.
Mariana Motoko, "Hibrido", 2020, Retrieved from @mariana.motoko 's Instagram 

Mariana Motoko, "Niña Guerrera", 2020, Retrieved from @mariana.motoko 's Instagram 

Mariana not only works with digital techniques, but she’s also a muralist. With her distinguish style she depicts an indigenous girl in a sitting position surrounded by a cactus and a snake, which are the symbols of the Mexican flag, bringing diversity and visibility to the indigenous community which receives discrimination in the Mexican community.

With her influence in the fashion world, Mariana has managed to stand out and create a unique style that is easy to identify, based specifically on women and their beauty, captured by fine lines, almost as a unique but repetitive character in her drawings, which has led her to collaborate with popular Mexican brands and also independently with her own brand that bears her name Mariana Motoko.

Young artist, illustrator, with the use of different techniques, that helps her represent the diversity, femininity, equality, and visibility of the different beauty in her country, as well as to inspire to see her art and reflect on her development as an artist. In addition to illustration, she also promotes her messages through collage and photographic interventions with mixed techniques.
Mariana Motoko, "Haru", 2019, Retrieved from @mariana.motoko 's Instagram 

She has also captured her delicate illustrations on other people's skin, sharing her creativity and stories that represent her as an artist, surreal characters that just by looking at them leave you thinking about what world the character lives in and what he represents, human-insect fusion, a union seen in the Orinoco worlds.
Retrieved from @mariana.motoko 's Instagram 

The artist has a great influence on the art of Moonassi, a South Korean artist, with a characteristic style of almost ghostly characters inspired by Japanese illustration, just like Motoko, they capture what they carry inside them in their fine lines that portray the fragility of human beings. 

Likewise, Mariana uses her social networks to spread messages of feminism, freedom of expression, and the way we relate to each other in social networks. With her simple illustrations that have a lot of power, Mariana manages to give us a reality check to see how wonderful the world is and how a powerful message can be demonstrated through art that transcends others, drawings, illustrations, tattoos, paintings, murals, graphic t-shirts, and many others, Motoko has evolved into an emerging artist with a lot of potential in the world of art and fashion.

To see her work, visit her Instagram page @mariana.motoko , where she shares her personal illustrations and works, as well as her new collection that you can find at .

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