David de Leon, a Mexican artist creating art with purpose.

July 29, 2020 | Leilany Rangel

The world is still fighting against the worst sanitation contingent we ever had in the 21 century, our whole lives changed and we are still struggling to get to our normal lives back, which we know it's never going to be the same. Some of us have already had experience or we have been close to someone who has suffered from the illness which is destroying countless lives in our society, but there are people who are fighting against it and are trying their best to save us from this terrible virus. Heroes without capes, every day risking their lives to save ours.

David de Leon has dedicated his life to others, being the founder of the association Arte para mi pueblo, in which he teaches children and young people how wonderful art and culture are to keep them away from the dangers of organized crime and drugs in Mexico. Originally from Petatlán, Guerrero, the plastic artist and muralist David de León has a short but enriching career in the art world, traveling to Florence, Italy to take a course to develop his artistic skills in a diploma course at the workshop of Grafica a Scuola Internazionale Fundazione il Bison. David has been chosen as Mexico's representative in Thailand, at the Meeting of Style, which took place in 2019 where he presented a show of pride in being Mexican by paying tribute to the culture of the Cholos in the country. 

David de Leon, "Cholo en su moto futuristica", 2020, Retrieved from @deleon_1983 's Instagram 

He is firmly enthusiastic about murals, as a graphic designer, now his passion is to transform an idea and paint it on a 13 to 20-meter high wall that brightness abandoned buildings or structures giving glow and life to something that is considered dead.

David de Leon, "Viajera y oso", 2018, Retrieved from @deleon_1983 's Instagram 

David de Leon, "La señora de los globos", 2017, Retrieved from @deleon_1983 's Instagram 

His most recent work, Los héroes también lloran (Heroes cry too), has shocked the Mexican people by being a heartbreaking portrait of the current situation in the country and the world. Measuring 33 meters long by 4 meters high, the mural was made with the help of 6 other artists who collaborated with David to make the mural in 5 nights. The mural consists of 3 scenes:
David de Leon, "Los héroes también lloran", 2020, Retrieved from TheSach Tuber 

From left to right, in the first scene, you can see two health attendants hugging each other, feeling defeated, tired when they see so much death ere their eyes and all those people passing by their arms that do not manage to survive, in the second scene we see 3 doctors carrying a COVID patient to save him giving all their strength for him, in their faces the reflection of tiredness and the desperation to continue saving lives, and in the third and last scene, we see a doctor carrying a respirator, which in the country remained very limited, causing the death of many people. 

David de Leon tells that with the mural he aspired to reflect the concern, tiredness, fear, and uncertainty of these heroes for the work and service they do every day in health centers. - TheSanch Tuber, 2020.

6 artists were involved to help create this heartbreaking and revealing mural were Miky Vega, Victor Cachi, Larry Salinas, David Hernandez, Caro Nava, David de Leon as the headline, and Abigail Medina as the designer. The mural is presented at the University of Guerrero in the fence of one of its educational centers, made last April.

The artist wants to raise awareness about the current situation in the country, so that people who witness it decide to stay home and use the necessary precautions to take care of themselves and their loved ones and therefore reduce the number of infections including giving the respect that the medical and health entity deserves. To know more about his art, you can visit his profile on Instagram (@deleon_1983) where he shows all his works and process to create a mural.

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