Summer show // Letnja treperenja

August 23, 2018 | Ana Simona

In gallery for contemporary art, November in Belgrade opened the group exhibition dedicated to summer, and it will be open until the 9th of September. On this cheerful setting can be seen the works of Selene Vicković, Mario Kolarić, Emilija Radojčić, Marija Avramović, Miša Filipovac and Bratislava Milenković. The exhibition represents personal impressions and associations that this group of the artist has when they think about summer. This gives us the opportunity to see an everyday topic (almost a cliche) in an artistic context. It is the joyful ode to summer loves, summer vibes and of course, the seaside. In the original title Letnja treperenja, the word treperenja doesn't mean only vibes but literally fastly blinking when moving, which is a quite good description of a summer.

Drawing of Mario Kolaric is showing this blinking with his repetitive black and white geometric forms that are interrupted with some colorful blue red and yellow wavy lines. This abstract landscape seems like a jazzy illustration of blinking on the surface of the seaside, of the air on the surface of the concrete streets of the city. Artworks of Emilija Radojcic transfer the same waving and blinking vibe of the summer, with the numerous lines painted in clear resonant colors she creates fast and chaotic but at the same time clear scenery. The title of her work is Summer of Love I and II which is the witty and clear visualization of to all of us well-known feeling of summer madness, falling in love with someone new, euphoria and romanticizing someone. Summer vibes in the artwork of Bratislav Milenkovic are quite geometric, which is the consequence of his education on the department of graphics and book printing and design. He chose the symbolical forms of summer - a boat on the sea, a palm and the sun and reduced them to the recognizable geometric shapes. Selena Vickovic shows us the perspective of children but she does that by twisting the stereotypical idea of the innocence of children. She adds details or forms that surprise and confuse like the empty eyes of a girl. Her illustration can sometimes even give the feeling of grotesque and show us the dark side of a child’s imagination. Misa Filipovic paints a girl in the swimming pool sitting isolated from others while contemplating over the water surface. We all know how the calming moving of the waves and blinking spots on the water surface get us hypnotized. The landscape with two girls at the seaside are topics that Marija Avramović uses to show the carefree and cheerful vibe of the summer activities in the water and also call us to remember the childhood friends, games and first summer holidays spent on the seaside. 

The whole exhibition of wavy and blinking summer landscapes is there to remind us to relax and enjoy the chillness and euphoria of the summer, and that art is sometimes there to evoke this lightness when we usually tend to forget. 

About the artists 
Selena Vicković, born 1958 in Belgrade, finished bachelor studies in 1982 at The Faculty of Applied Arts, and then got the scholarship from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Did her M.A. on the Faculty of Applied Arts where she stayed as a professor. She had many exhibitions both collective and individual in Belgrade, Paris, Rome, Copenhagen, and Azerbaijan. She was awarded the prize of Salon of Contemporary Art in Montrouge 1999. godine. 

Mario Kolarić, born in 1984 in Beogradu, did bachelor studies at The Academia of Visual arts in Zagreb. He mainly works in the field of drawing, objects, and installations, creating an abstract narrative through basic visual shapes. He had several exhibitions on Balkans and in Europe. Member of Croatian Visual Artists Collective. Currently lives and works in Belgrade. 

Emilija Radojčić through her ritual dedication to the process of drawing and painting questions the feelings, vibes, nature, and various natural phenomena through which someone reflects his or her own state of mind. She works in the field of drawing, painting, objects, installation, performance and urban interventions. She exhibits in Serbia and abroad, and she had many projects, and audio-visual performances realized and exhibited at various group exhibitions. Currently lives and works in Belgrade. 

Marija Avramović, born in 1989 in Belgrade and currently lives and works in Paris. She has a bachelor degree from The Faculty of Visual Arts in Belgrade, and a master degree from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. She focuses on drawing and painting but recently she also inquires space and materials through various art installations. She had three individual exhibitions and took part in numerous group exhibitions in Serbia, France, Germany, England, and Portugal. 

Mišo Filipovac, born in 1987. in Bajina Bašta, finished his studies in 2010 at FILUM (Faculty of Philology and Arts) in Kragujevac. He currently teaches at the same faculty as assistant professor. He is the Ph.D. student of The Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. He is exhibiting in Serbia and abroad. He works and lives in Belgrade and Kragujevac. 

Bratislav Milenković did his bachelor studies at The Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, department for Graphics and book design. He exhibited in Serbia and abroad, and his works can be found in many books, popular magazines, and other publications as New York Times, Guardian, Wired, GQ, Esquire, etc.

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